Our Staff/Contact

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butler County | 1755 S Erie Blvd Suite D, Hamilton, OH 45011 | (513) 867-1227 | info@bbbsbutler.org

Carolyn Winslow, Chief Executive Officer – Carolyn.Winslow@bbbsbutler.org

Julie Dichtl, VP of Development – Julie.Dichtl@bbbsbutler.org

Michelle Grubb, VP of Operations – Michelle.Grubb@bbbsbutler.org

Amy Perry, VP of Programs – Amy.Perry@bbbsbutler.org

Becky Perkins, VP of Marketing and Outreach – Becky.Perkins@bbbsbutler.org

Stephanie Ipp, Community Outreach Manager – Stephanie.Ipp@bbbsbutler.org

Matt Flynn, Senior Match Support Specialist – Matt.Flynn@bbbsbutler.org

Maria Price, Senior Enrollment Specialist – Maria.Price@bbbsbutler.org

Jenny Heitsche, Big Futures/Site-Based Program Coordinator - Jenny.Heitsche@bbbsbutler.org

Luke Lovell, Enrollment Specialist – Luke.Lovell@bbbsbutler.org

Nick Luken, Development Specialist – Nick.Luken@bbbsbutler.org

Gilynett Montanez, Match Support Specialist - Gily.Montanez@bbbsbutler.org

Katy Roberts, Engagement Specialist – Katy.Roberts@bbbsbutler.org

Betsy Thurow, Match Support Specialist – Betsy.Thurow@bbbsbutler.org

Christine Uhl, Match Support Specialist – Christine.Uhl@bbbsbutler.org