The Trophies

Do you have what it takes to take home the First, Second, or Third Place Cream Style Sweet Corn trophy?  Not only are they stylish and a great conversation piece, but they contain 68% of your recommended daily allowance of Corniness!

First Place

The team that finishes in First Place will take home a Swine City gift card and a custom built, ACA approved cornhole set with rustic accents.

Donated by: Shears Renovations

Second Place

The team that finishes in Second Place will take home Swine City t-shirts and a custom made set of cornhole scoreboards.  The scoreboards feature fold out legs, two cup holders, and a polyacrylic finish.

Donated by: Keith’s Cornhole Creations

Third Place

The Third Place team will take home a Swine City crowler and this set of of 8 washable/beer proof cornhole bags.  These plastic pellet filled bags are 6 x 6 inches and weigh 15 ounces each. 

Donated by: PGM Custom Apparel