NOTE: In-person meetings of our Site-Based Mentoring Programs are temporarily suspended during the Coronavirus pandemic. They will resume when the pandemic has eased, and public health and local officials authorize the continuation of in-person programming.

Our Site-Based Mentoring Program is held throughout the school year at 13 participating elementary schools and community centers throughout Butler County. Elementary-aged Littles are matched with Bigs who are adults from the community, high school students, or college students. The Bigs and Littles meet once per week for 90 minutes after school at the Little's school. They work on homework or academic goals together, after which they engage in a fun activity led by one our staff members.

In addition to after-school times, our Site-Based Mentoring Program is also offered as a "lunch buddies" program in some schools. In Lunch Buddies, the Big comes to the Little's school to have lunch with them and spend time developing a friendship. Since this typically occurs in the middle of the weekday, this is an ideal opportunity for companies and organizations to encourage their employees to volunteer as Bigs!

Although it takes place at schools, our Site-Based Mentoring program isn’t limited to the classroom or talking about academic goals. At the end of the day, it's really all about starting a friendship, providing guidance, and inspiring them to reach their potential.