My Time as a Big

By Sidni Schultz, Big Sister

My name is Sidni Schultz and this is my fourth year as a mentor in Big Brothers Big Sisters. I have been matched with my Little since my freshman year of college. I have loved watching her grow these past four years.

My freshman year started off with my Monday visits to the school consumed with chasing her around and playing “tag” in the cafeteria – to say I was tired after each Monday is understatement! As my Little got older (she was only in kindergarten when we met), she began to mature and found new activities for us to do. Some of our favorites were doing gymnastics on the playground, reading (she has improved immensely), and sometimes still the occasional chasing her around. I looked forward to our weekly Monday visits and getting to hear what happened at school or home that week. On one of our last visits she excitedly told me about the new puppies her family had just adopted!

I am very sad that our time together has been cut short. I know that this is a scary time for myself, but an even scarier time for her. Many of the children involved in this organization may struggle with distance learning so I think it is especially important during this time to reach out to your Littles and check in, if possible. They are more scared and confused during this time than anyone.

My time in this program has also solidified my decision to pursue higher education in the field of Social Work, and hopefully a career in the nonprofit industry. I know that I have made a positive impact on my Little but she has made an even bigger impact on me.

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