Support from individuals like you is essential to providing mentors for children in Butler County. As children grow from childhood through their teen years and into young adulthood, they need a caring adult to be a mentor and friend. Through their mentors, children youth are exposed to a world that is often very different from what surrounds them on a daily basis. Their role model and friend guides them, supports them, and cares about the choices they make. All children should have a caring friend whom they can talk to, have fun with, hang out with and learn from. Your gift to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butler County will help us to:

*Serve nearly 500 children in Butler County by providing each one of them with a caring adult mentor of their own.
*Recruit mentors for children on our waiting list.
*Cover the costs of background checks and insurance, while ensuring that trained professionals match children with caring and responsible Big Brothers and Sisters.
*Provide instructors and instructional materials during our professional training sessions for staff, mentors and families.
*Find, interview, screen, train, match and supervise children with mentors so that we can ensure that true friendships are developing between mentors and youth.



Your gift will have a significant impact on a child in our community. You can support the cost of:

  • Recruiting a new Big (approximately $50 per Big)
  • Running background checks ($75 per Big)
  • Measuring the progress of Littles and evaluating programs to ensure effectiveness ($150 per match)

You can also aim to cover the full cost of a match through our Sponsor a Match program. Each match between a Little and a Big costs us approximately $1,000 for a full year of service and support

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You can provide ongoing support to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butler County as part of one of our annual giving societies. Whether you give $50 a month as a Match Maker or join our Miracle Society for a larger commitment over 5 years, your continuous gifts support the sustainability of our organization and the effectiveness of our mission for years to come.




When you celebrate, we celebrateHost a fundraiser for your birthday, a special occasion, or just because! Gather your friends, family, and social network to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butler County in raising funds to provide quality youth mentoring programs in our communities.

The suggested minimum fundraising goal is $1,500, which covers the costs of sponsoring a match, including:

  • Child and family services
  • Volunteer interviews and training
  • Ongoing child safety measures
  • Support for both Bigs and Littles

Click here to learn about creating a fundraiser on Facebook, and designate BBBS of Butler County as the beneficiary.




Many employers offer match giving as an employee incentive to donate. Check with your company’s HR department to see how you can double your impact! You can also connect us directly to your company if they would like to partner with us. Have your company's representative contact Scott Stephens at




Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butler County accepts donations of goods, services, and expertise in lieu of cash donations. These in-kind donations provide further opportunities and a real benefit to those we serve. Examples of in-kind gifts include:

  • Goods, like food, toys, school supplies, clothes, sports equipment, event tickets, and auction items
  • Services, like event or meeting spaces, marketing materials, printing, and administrative/financial services
  • Expertise, like legal, tax, or business advice; marketing and website development; and strategic planning

Eligibility of gifts of material goods will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butler County Board of Directors, together with the CEO. If you would like to make an in-kind donation or if you have questions about doing so, contact Scott Stephens at




Your legacy can have an impact, too! A planned gift to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butler County creates your own legacy of support through the continuation of our landmark mentoring programs. Planned giving also offers significant advantages, including tax breaks and a potential income increase. Some of the most notable benefits include:

  • Retaining control of your assets during your lifetime, allowing for modification your bequest as your circumstances change
  • Tax advantages that lower the estate tax burden on your survivors
  • The creation of a larger impact through a gift that is larger than what may have been possible during your lifetime

If you would like to discuss including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butler County as part of your trust, bequest, or endowment, contact Scott Stephens at