Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our school-based program activities are being held virtually this academic year, making this a safe and convenient volunteer opportunity for students! This page contains information about our virtual mentoring program and how to apply.


How does virtual mentoring work?

A volunteer mentor ("Big") is matched with an elementary school child ("Little"). Each Big and their Little meet for one hour once a week via a secure Zoom connection. For part of that hour, Bigs and Littles meet as a group, engaging in discussions and activities led by a Big Brothers Big Sisters Coordinator. Examples of group activities include "Two Truths and Lie," "Would You Rather..." and "Simon Says." For the rest of the hour, each Big/Little pair meets one-on-one in a secure Zoom "room" to get to know each other, work on the Little's goals, and have fun!

Bigs must be at least 14 years of age and be able to access Zoom in an area free from distractions. Each Big is be matched with the same Little throughout the academic year, and must be able to commit to the full year.

This is an ideal opportunity to gain valuable volunteer service hours while empowering the potential of a child in your community!

We offer numerous time slots for serving as a Big in our virtual program.


How do I learn more or sign up?

High School Students: Text "HS Big" to 513-857-1491, or email Katy Roberts, Engagement Specialist, at Katy.Roberts@bbbsbutler.org

Miami University Students: Text "MU Big" to 513-291-3283, or email Stephanie Ipp, Community Outreach Manager, at Stephanie.Ipp@bbbsbutler.org.