What do student Bigs do?

Student Bigs provide friendship and encouragement to an elementary-aged child through guided mentoring activities. The Big talks with their Little, helps them with homework, and participates in fun and stimulating activities led by a Big Brothers Big Sisters coordinator. Younger children look up to high school and college students and enjoy spending time with them! The friendship of a Student Big makes Littles feel valued and more confident in themselves and their abilities. 


Mentoring Opportunities for 2021-2022

Big Brothers Big Sisters will offer both in-person and virtual mentoring opportunities for the 2021-2022 academic year. In-person mentoring occurs once per week after school in participating elementary schools; virtual mentoring occurs once a week via a secure and monitored Zoom connection.

We have in-person mentoring opportunities available in the Talawanda (Oxford), Hamilton, Fairfield, Edgewood (Trenton), Middletown, and Lakota (West Chester) School Districts!


Am I eligible?

This volunteer opportunity is open to students from all Butler County high schools and from colleges!

  • Student Bigs must be in 9th grade or above starting in the 2021-2022 academic year
  • Students Bigs must be able to commit to 90 minutes per week for the entire academic year; programs don't meet during the summer or holiday breaks
  • For on-site mentoring, Student Bigs must have access to transportation to and from the mentoring site
  • For virtual mentoring, Student Bigs must have access to a reliable internet connection in a distraction-free area


How do I learn more or sign up?

High School Students: Text "HS Big" to 513-857-1491, or email Katy Roberts, Engagement Specialist, at Katy.Roberts@bbbsbutler.org

Miami University Students: Text "MU Big" to 513-291-3283, or email Stephanie Ipp, Community Outreach Manager, at Stephanie.Ipp@bbbsbutler.org.


Information Sessions for Miami Students

Miami University students who are interested in learning more about volunteering as a Big are encouraged to join one of the following virtual info sessions:

Wednesday, Sept. 1st at 3 PM: Join Zoom Meeting at this link

Wednesday, Sept. 1st at 5 PM: Join Zoom Meeting at this link

Thursday, Sept. 2nd at 4 PM: Join Zoom Meeting at this link

Thursday, Sept. 2nd at 6 PM: Join Zoom Meeting at this link