With rotating themes and venues, along with a commitment to details, the Big Event is something you don't want to miss. These fully immersive productions bring members of the community together for an evening full of fun and surprises.

Guests last year found themselves entering a speakeasy inside a renovated Art Deco Bank, and were treated to live music, signature cocktails, games of chance, cigarette strollers, an ersatz horse race, and an unforgettable raffle utilizing the bank's period safety deposit boxes. The evening wrapped up with a surprise raid from a less than reputable federal agent.

Guests to this year's Big Event were transported to a magical party lasting for one night only!  As they wandered among the pathways and decorations, they chose which of the carnival's offerings to interact with. There was a Living Mermaid, Carnival Games, Mystic Fortune Teller, Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Frankfurters, Craft Beer, Fire Performer, Jugglers, Professional Thumb Wrestlers, Silent Auction, and more. If you weren't able to attend this year's event, check out the photos below, courtesy of Kaitlyn Flynn Photography, to see some of what you missed. 

Many guests became a Ringmaster for the night thanks to this "Face Hole" photo prop.
A verified haunted doll was among many of the puzzling items from the Cabinet of Curiosities.
With flavors like maple and watermelon, the cotton candy from La Puf Sweets was hard to resist.
Strange contraptions were prepped for the performances on the Sideshow Main Stage.
The line for the signature "Balloon Burst" raffle was full of excitement and expectations.
The "Tip a Jug" booth tempted players with the chance to win giant plush animals.
A crowd gathered to watch and take part in the spectacle of the Sideshow Main Stage. 
Raffle winners had the opportunity to pop a balloon with a dart and reveal a hidden prize.
The readings done by the Mystical Fortune Teller were often described as "eerily accurate."
One of the brave volunteers who took part in an "electrifying" sideshow act.
Just one of the many happy winners of the over 70 fantastic "Balloon Burst" prize packages.
The Sideshow Finale?  One Assistant, One Clear Coffin, and Lots & Lots of Cockroaches!