Give Big. Defend Potential.

This holiday season, you can help ignite the potential of a child in the community we share. There are currently 186 children in Butler County who are waiting for a Big Brother or Big Sister. Your gift - no matter the size - will help us find and screen a mentor for one of those children, and support that mentoring relationship. Every child has potential. It's up to us to empower it. Through your gift this holiday season, we can. We are #BiggerTogether.

"I first got involved with BBBS of Butler County shortly after graduating from school 30+ years ago. In BBBS I found an efficient, well run organization with a simple mission - helping at-risk kids through volunteer mentoring programs. The concept is effective. Be there for them. Listen. Be a sounding board. A friend. BBBS provides the professional support. What better way to make an impact on a child’s life... And yours..."

- John, Big Brother

"You can't have any idea the impact of the little moments you share with your Little. Years later, you'll hear how the smallest things made a big difference!"

- Emily, former Big Sister

"My daughter has gone from report cards with almost all D's and F's for the last few years to an A/B average. When she got matched, she did not have a positive attitude toward school. Her mentor has worked hard with her to instill a positive attitude toward school and her future."

- Parent of a Little Sister

Give Big. Defend Potential.